“Burisma Group” began construction of a gas pipeline in Kharkiv region

In January 2019, the gas company “Burisma Group” began construction of a gas pipeline that will connect the Vodyanovske and Karaykozovske (Kharkiv region) fields. The press service of the company announced it.

Approximate investments in the project will be 60 million UAH. The new gas pipeline length will be 16.6 km.

“The new gas pipeline will make it possible to increase not only the production, but also manage the flow between fields more efficiently and to construct a turbine expander subsequently”, said Taras Burdeyny, CEO “Burisma Group”.

“Burisma Group” is a private Ukrainian gas company. It carries out exploration, production, service and hydrocarbons sale. “Burisma Group” is one of the three largest independent gas producers in Ukraine.


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