Burisma started drilling well at the Vodyanivske field

The International Energy Group Burisma started drilling another directional well No.3 with the target depth of 6200 m at the Vodyanivske field in Kharkiv region. The press service of the company announced it.

“From the middle of February 2019, we have gone as deep as 3,000 meters. Over the next five months, we are hoping to obtain positive results. It won’t be our deepest well this year, however. In March, we started drilling in the Kubashivska area. Its projected depth is 6,250 m”, says Burisma Group CEO Taras Burdeyniy.

All wells will be drilled through a cement-free method using sludge dewatering technology and a special dryer. This method corresponds to best international environmental standards

At the same time, preliminary work and site development are underway. Once finished, the Group will start drilling 4 more wells in the Kubashivska area, Rakytnyanske and Proletarske field as well as the Zhuravlyna structure of the Derkachivsk-Voitenivska area (Kharkiv and Dnipro regions).

“The well at the Niklovitske field has already provided results, but is still under development. We are also finalizing the construction of loops. The Group’s investment plan for 2019 stipulates drilling of 21 new wells. So far we are staying on schedule”, says Taras Burdeyniy.

Source: kosatka.media

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