Gas price in Europe went up to $600 per thousand cubic meters

At the auction on Monday, gas prices in Europe reached the level of $600/thous. cubic meters against the background of Gazprom's refusal to book additional capacities for gas transit through Ukraine at today's auction, reports.

Today at the auction, Gazprom bought only 0.65 million cubic meters per day out of the proposed 15 million additional firm capacities through Ukraine for September.

Gazprom has a long-term booking of 40 billion cubic meters of Ukrainian facilities for 202, which is 109 million cubic meters.

The indicator of $ 600 per thousand cubic meters is the highest in the last three and a half years since the beginning of March 2018. Then the legendary cold front The Beast from the East raged in Europe, and the price soared to a thousand dollars per thousand cubic meters.

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