German deputies refused to support Nord Stream 2

Most of the members of the German parliament voted against the legislative initiative of the right-wing radical Alternative for Germany (AfD) party “Ensuring energy security – supporting Nord Stream 2”, Liga.Business reports.

The legislative initiative included provisions to complete Nord Stream 2 and protect the private investment by acquiring pipe-laying vessels. On supporting the operation of the gas pipeline and protecting investments. And on protecting Germany's political freedom of choice from foreign states' restrictions against the backdrop of sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

The parliamentary group wanted to urge the German government to commit itself unconditionally to the implementation of Nord Stream 2 and support the early completion of Nord Stream 2 by all means at its disposal at the national, European, and international levels.

556 deputies voted against the AfD initiatives. Only 83 AfD representatives voted "for."

German deputies also failed to draw up a proposal to the federal government to ensure the construction's early completion.

As a result, the discussion ended with a consensus that no additional decisions need to be made to construct the gas pipeline further.

Germany has postponed the launch of the gas supply from Nord Stream 2.

Earlier, the US authorities have prepared new sanctions against Nord Stream 2.

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