It is necessary to pump 20 billion cubic meters of gas for the next heating season – Kobolyev

By next season, it is necessary to pump about 20 billion cubic meters of gas to ensure the heating season 2019-2020 in any weather and political situation. It was announced by the Head of the NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine, Andriy Kobolyev.

Kobolyev reminded that Ukraine should prepare for any destructive decisions of the Kremlin, in particular for the interruption of transit, after the end of the contract with Russia.

Naftogaz is already working on raising funds for the purchase and pumping gas into storage facilities.

“At the same time, it should be recalled that the European practice and the Ukrainian law on the Gas Market provide for the creation of insurance reserves by all gas supplier companies without exception. In past years, the insurance reserve rate was ignored – now is the time to return to this issue. Together, the government, Naftogaz and all participants at the gas market must properly prepare for the next heating season”, Kobolyev wrote.

Україна завершує опалювальний сезон і 5 квітня розпочала закачку газу в ПСГ. Цього року перед нами стоїть завдання...

Опубліковано Andriy Kobolyev Вівторок, 9 квітня 2019 р.

It was reported earlier that in 97% of residential buildings in Kyiv, heating was turned off. Kyivteploenergo informed that while in the capital heat is supplied to 2.871 buildings, including 372 kindergartens, 314 schools, and 248 medical institutions.



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