Half a million cubic meters of gas per day: DTEK Oil&Gas finished drilling of a new high-output well

An innovational complex of geological exploratory works, including modern geological exploration and new technologies of geophysical data processing, helped to discover an undeveloped block of the field where the well was drilled. Exploration results helped to precise geological and hydrodynamic models of the field and to confirm perspectives of a further block development, DTEK reports.

The well was drilled within 136 days, aligned with a planned period. Use of 3D geologic-mechanic modelling data and a correctly chosen drilling solution allowed to lower drilling risks and to raise the quality of production layers’ revelation.

General Director of DTEK Oil&Gas Ihor Shchurov noticed: “Our company involves new technologies over the whole production chain consistently – from geological exploration and drilling to production and treatment of gas. This allows us to develop fields with complex geological conditions and drill high-output wells. So, thanks to modern technologies, since 2015 we have produced 1,5 bcm of gas additionally. This is a contribution of DTEK Oil&Gas to reaching of energy independence of Ukraine”.

We remind that in 2020 DTEK Oil&Gas produced 1,84 bcm of gas which became a new record of private gas production of Ukraine. In 2021, the company plans to increase its production volume to 2 bcm of natural gas.


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