DTEK Oil&Gas will conduct large-scale green seismic exploration

In 2020, DTEK Oil&Gas will conduct a large-scale seismic survey using modern green technology with real-time data recording. This type of research will be carried out on one of the company's assets.

The cordless technology of "green seismic" is considered to be the most innovative and environmentally friendly method of seismic exploration. Its main feature is that seismic receivers are connected not by a cable, but via wireless systems, and special heavy equipment is not required to install them.

Cordless technology allows to effectively carry out work in a complex landscape and in inaccessible places where previously it was impossible to do so. It also makes it possible to shorten the time of work and minimize any possible environmental impact. Real-time registration of seismic data allows to assess the quality of the recorded data directly during the work. It significantly improves the quality of the obtained geophysical information due to the proximity of cities and the presence of noise.

The cordless seismic survey will be the first project implemented within the framework of the Oil&Gas Technology Hub, the creation of which was announced by DTEK Oil&Gas to consolidate efforts and solve the problems of gas companies. After successful testing, the solution will be transferred to the Technology Bank of Oil&Gas Technology Hub. Then it will be possible to optimize and replicate the “green seismic” on a system basis among the participants of this organization.

“Cordless green seismic exploration will improve the accuracy of geological forecasts, accelerate the preparation of new areas for drilling and make gas production even more efficient and environmentally friendly,” said Maxim Dorokhov, Head of DTEK Oil&Gas Technology Center.

DTEK Oil&Gas CEO Igor Shchurov said: “Taking into account crisis in the oil and gas market, it is extremely important to introduce modern technologies that will increase the efficiency of gas production and thereby ensure further development of the gas industry. Therefore, DTEK Oil&Gas initiated the creation of an Oil&Gas Technology Hub, the purpose of which will be to search and attract innovative solutions to Ukraine. “Green seismic” will be the first large-scale project within the Oil&Gas Technology Hub and its successful implementation will allow the technology to be replicated throughout the industry and introduce new approaches of geological exploration in Ukraine".

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