The EC prepares a legislative basis for the implementation of the hydrogen market

The European Commission has submitted several bills that will create prerequisites for the development of hydrogen infrastructure, according to the Green Deal.

The legislative changes will help decarbonize the European gas market and create a hydrogen market for its imports.

“With today's suggestions, we are building up the prerequisites for a green transition in our gas sector by encouraging the use of “clean” gases. A key element of this transition is the creation of a competitive hydrogen market with specialized infrastructure. We want Europe to be the first in the world to establish market rules for this significant energy source and storage,” European Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson said.

The new rules will make it easier to pump low-carbon gases into the pipeline system by lowering tariffs, eliminating cross-border tariffs, and creating a low-carbon certification system.

Consumers will have a simplified procedure for switching to the consumption of low-carbon gases, they will be able to compare data on prices, bills.

British Petroleum announced a large-scale project for the production of "green" hydrogen.

Earlier, the EU explained the criteria by which gas stations can be indicated as environmentally friendly.

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