European Parliament decides to fill in gas storages by 80% by November

The European Parliament has approved plans to replenish EU gas storage facilities by winter. They provide for at least 80% of storage to be filled by November 1, Interfax reports

In the coming years, the target will be increased to 90% to protect Europeans from potential supply disruptions. 

The text highlights the need for EU countries to diversify gas supplies and strengthen energy efficiency measures. Gas storage facilities are classified as critical infrastructure. 

“All storage operators must complete the new mandatory certification to avoid the risks of outside interference. Operators who fail this certification will be required to relinquish ownership or control of EU gas storage facilities,” the message says. 

By August, the European Commission will issue guidance on joint gas purchases by EU states. Two or more EU Member States can participate in such purchases on a voluntary basis. 

States with large volumes of gas storage will be required to store at least 35% of their own consumption in UGSFs. Countries that do not have storage facilities will need to make agreements with other EU members to store the volumes they need, Cristian Bushoi, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, member of the EPP faction from Romania, said.

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