Favorov on the new gas production strategy: We take risks and hope for success

To make a breakthrough in gas production, Ukrgazvydobuvannya has developed the Trident strategy. It consists of 3 components: production from deep deposits, gas from shale rocks, and the third – offshore.

This was announced at the press conference “Own Gas: Results and Prospects” by Andrew Favorov, Director of the integrated gas business at Naftogaz of Ukraine, Kosatka.Media reports.

In December last year, UGV sank a well No. 888. He explained that in the 50s, when the industrial operation of Shebelinka began, there was huge production - in the 80s they reached 32 billion cubic meters only from the Shebelinsky deposit. But it developed at a depth of 4 km.

Now gas producers see that the upper Shebelinka is coming to an end. Pressure is only 2 atmospheres. But it does not come to a close. Therefore, in geological circles, there has been a theory that under the upper, 4-kilometer Shebelinka, there is another one. With stocks that are perhaps even larger than the first. According to Favorov, there were 10 attempts to get there. With old technology. Last – gave a large influx. But they could not cope with it, and it was necessary to cement this well in order to avoid potential environmental and technological risks.

“Now we have as good equipment as possible. And now we have the first attempt to get to the horizon of 6 km. Drilling is going on. We are already 2 kilometers away. And we have high hopes that this will be successful. The probability of success is 30%. But we do not go there for prey, but to understand whether there is something there or not. Reserves are important for us”, said Favorov.

Whether this work of gas producers will be successful will become clear by the end of the year.

On gas production from dense rocks – UGV has a prospective license. The reserves of this gas are from 50 to 70 billion cubic meters. But there is no experience of such production in Ukraine. “We will do it for the first time”, said Favorov.

The third area of ​​work is on the Black Sea shelf.

“Here we do not invent anything. The Bulgarians succeeded, the Romanians succeeded, Chernomorneftegaz succeeded. And we should succeed too. At depths of 50 to 100 meters offshore – this is relatively simple, and cheaper and easier – because landowners do not need to negotiate”, commented Favorov.


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