Frontera challenges the decision of the Commission on Dolphin in court

On August 7, Frontera Resources Ukraine LLC filed a lawsuit in the Kyiv District Administrative Court against the Ministry of Energy and Coal Mining of Ukraine, as well as the Interdepartmental Commission on the organization of conclusion and implementation of a production sharing agreement (PSA), in which it demands to cancel the results of the tender for the development of the hydrocarbon field Dolphin on the shelf of the Black Sea. It is reported by EnergoReforma.

According to the press service of the company, Frontera considers the actions and decisions of the commission, as a result of which the American Trident Black Sea Inc was determined to be the winner of the competition, illegal. They stated that the commission had exceeded its powers indicated by the legislation of Ukraine, approved decisions that contradict government acts and violate the competition procedure in terms of the timing of determining the winners.

Earlier, the company stated that it intended to challenge in court the results of the PSA contest for the development of the hydrocarbon field due to a violation of the tender procedure regarding the evaluation of participants' applications. The commission was supposed to send conclusions to the Cabinet of Ministers on determining the winner of the competition no later than July 13, 2019, but violated these terms.

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