Gas supplying companies of RGC from August 1 do not pay for gas for the population – Naftogaz

Gas supply companies operating under the brand Regional Gas Company (RGC), from August 1, 2020, stopped paying for natural gas, which they received from NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine during the period of validity of PSO, the press service reports.

It is noted that due to the peculiarities of charging payments for gas for the needs of the population, gas sales have traditionally settled with Naftogaz with a delay of about a month. Thus, after the start of the heating season, the debt of gas sales to Naftogaz is growing from October to December and from January to September, it decreases due to payments for gas for the previous months.

“A similar situation was observed during the 2019/2020 heating season: the debt of all gas sales for the received natural gas for the needs of the population in October-December 2019 increased by UAH 5.88 billion (25%) and reached, as of 12/31/19 ., UAH 28.854 billion. Despite the increase in payments in January-July 2020, the debt of gas sales for natural gas for the needs of the population increased compared to the beginning of the last heating season by UAH 1.116 billion (of which UAH 0.338 billion – RGC) and amounted, as of 31.08.2020, UAH 24.091 billion (of which UAH 12.826 billion is the debt of gas sales companies of RGC),” the message says.

In July (the last month of the PSO operation), gas salesmen of RGK received from Naftogaz natural gas for the population for UAH 340 million, but in August 2020 they transferred only UAH 700 thousand.

Naftogaz reported that they are starting to prepare lawsuits for the enforced collection of debts.

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