Gas Association warns of the threat of disconnection from gas supply to budgetary institutions of newly created amalgamated communities

The Association of the Gas Market of Ukraine warns of the threat of disconnection from the gas supply of budgetary institutions of the newly created amalgamated communities.

On January 1, 2021, previous contracts for the distribution and supply of natural gas with budgetary institutions managed by the executive bodies of village/settlement/city councils become invalid.

It is noted that due to the reform of the administrative-territorial structure of Ukraine, on the formation and disbandment of territorial communities, some local executive authorities did not provide the necessary procedure for the controlled budgetary institutions and organizations to conclude contracts for the distribution and supply of natural gas. This jeopardizes the provision of gas supply to budgetary institutions next year.

According to the Association, as of December 28, through the information platform of GTS Operator, GDS operators have received about 10,000 messages to disconnect social facilities and budgetary institutions, due to the absence of a gas supplier for these facilities, since January 1, 2021.

This endangers public sector institutions' gas supply during the heating season, including preschool institutions and hospitals.

"Operators of gas distribution systems will be forced to stop distribution of natural gas to social and public facilities and the public sector from January 1, if no contracts are concluded for the supply and distribution of natural gas," the message says.

According to the Gas Distribution Systems Code provisions, institutions that, without a gas distribution contract and will not be assigned to any supplier, must independently stop their own gas consumption.

Earlier, Shmyhal ordered to check the validity of gas prices.

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