Gazprom will build another gas pipeline to China

Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller said the company had begun design and survey work on another gas pipeline to China - Power of Siberia 2, Business Censor reports.

“Also, Power of Siberia 2 can become the basis of a new export channel through Mongolia to China with a capacity of up to 50 billion cubic meters. At the same time, Yamal gas will be supplied to Europe and Asia,” he said.

Recall that Gazprom began supplying gas to consumers in China through the new Power of Siberia gas pipeline in December 2019.

Gazprom and the Chinese CNPC signed a contract for the supply of Russian gas to China via the eastern route in May 2014. The contract, which entered into force in May 2015, was concluded for 30 years. It assumes an annual supply of 38 billion cubic meters of Russian gas to China through Power of Siberia. After negotiations in April 2019, Russian and Chinese leaders agreed to increase gas supplies by another 6 billion cubic meters – up to 44 billion cubic meters.

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