Gazprom: Construction of Nord Stream 2 completed

The Russian company Gazprom announced the completion of the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. According to Evropeyska Pravda, this is stated on the company's website.

“At a morning operational meeting at Gazprom, Chairman of the Board Oleksii Miller said that this morning at 8.45 am the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline was fully completed,” the statement said.

Gazprom is targeting gas flow through both lines under the Baltic Sea until December 1, the sources said. The company has already announced that the pipeline will be able to carry 5.6 billion cubic meters of fuel this year.

Gazprom expects to launch the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline on October 1.

To recap, the United States will impose sanctions against Nord Stream 2 in the event of a threat to Ukraine.

As reported, Nord Stream 2 lost in court the case for exemption from the requirements of the EU Gas Directive.

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