Gazprom increased gas transit through Ukraine

The transit of Russian gas through Ukraine increased as the air temperature in Europe normalized, according to data from Gazprom, the Ukrainian gas transmission system operator and European gas transport operators, Interfax reports.

Over the weekend, air temperatures in Europe returned from anomalous heat and double digits to the average for this time period.

On Saturday, February 27, Gazprom pumped 106 million cubic meters of gas through Ukraine (nominations for Sunday and Monday - at the same high level), even though from 17 to 26 February pumped an average of 79 million cubic meters. m per day with a minimum result of 66.2 million cubic meters on February 20.

Gazprom booked significantly more transit volumes for February: 123.2 million cubic meters per day (109 million cubic meters under a long-term transit agreement and an additional 14.2 million cubic meters based on a monthly reservation).

Earlier it was reported that the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine fell to a minimum in a year.

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