Gazprom returns gas transit volume to contractual level – Makohon

Gazprom has returned the volume of gas transit through Ukraine to the level stipulated in the contract - 109 million cubic meters per day after dropping to almost 57 million cubic meters in the first days of November.

This was announced by the head of the Ukrainian GTS Operator Serhii Makohon on Facebook on Thursday, November 11.

“Gazprom is reporting on the increase in supplies to the EU, but the facts speak otherwise. The volume of daily transit through Ukraine simply returned to the contract volume of 109 million m3 after dropping to almost 57 million m3 in the first days of November. Gazprom has not booked any additional volumes exceeding the transit contract. Therefore, there is no need to increase supplies to the EU through Ukraine,” Makohon wrote.

He noted that transit on this day in 2020 amounted to 178.4 million m3, and in 2019 - 277.3 million m3 per day.

“Ukraine is ready to transit up to 250 million m3 per day, which is 2.5 times more than the existing transit,” Makohon summed up.

График объемов транзита газа через Украину

To recap, on November 10, gas prices in Europe fell below € 70/MWh.

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