The chairman of NEURC explained what the price for gas distribution consists of

Chairman of NEURC Valerii Tarasiuk explained what the gas distribution tariff consists of, which Ukrainians pay as a separate payment. He said this during a speech in the Verkhovna Rada on Thursday, January 28, Kosatka.Media reports.

According to him, the distribution tariff is not a figure that can be raised or lowered on a whim. It consists of specific components that can be reduced or increased.

Up to 50% of the tariff is the cost of production and technical gas losses.

“This is the so-called process gas, which is necessary to deliver the bulk of gas to our homes. This is the gas for the operation of gas pumping units, the gas that is poisoned in pressure regulators, and so on. Regional gas companies buy this gas at UAH 5850. This is a very moderate figure,” Tarasiuk said.

He added that it is impossible to avoid production and technological losses of gas. If the actual amount of funds is not laid on them, then regional gas companies begin to take the gas they need from the system operator (the Ukrainian GTS Operator). This leads to a financial collapse: the debts of regional gas companies to GTSOU for previous years amount to UAH 50 billion.

Up to 30% of the tariff – salaries.

“These are the salaries of highly qualified workers of regional gas companies. These are tens of thousands of our fellow citizens. What are their salaries? I inform you - UAH 15,000. Agree, this is not an unreasonable figure. And even 2 years ago they amounted to 5-6 thousand, and these workers are almost gone. We were also lucky that during this time there were no human-made disasters, ”said the head of NEURC.

20% - operating expenses.

“These are repairs, modernisation, maintenance of emergency, dispatching services. And this is only 20%,” Tarasiuk said.

In general, the distribution tariff ranges from 5% to 15% of the total gas bill. According to Tarasyuk, in the leading countries, this proportion reaches 50-100%.

As reported, fines and penalties for untimely paid gas or heat for January will not be charged.

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