Honcharuk is against the extension of the contract with Gazprom for a year according to the old rules

Prime Minister Olexiy Honcharuk said that Ukraine expects to conclude a new long-term contract with Gazprom. Ukraine will not be satisfied with the extension of the contract for a year under the old rules.

“It is important for Ukraine to get a new long-term agreement. Because Ukraine and our GTS are starting to work on European rules... That’s why, and not only because of this (but this is the main reason) we definitely need a new contract that will be based on a European legislation. We also set the goal of obtaining a long-term contract, because the extension for a year (contract - ed.) under the old rules is simply not suitable for us”, said Prime Minister Olexiy Honcharuk during a press briefing.

He noted that gas consultations with Russian Gazprom could last for the next couple of months.

“They will last for at least a few months. We, of course, expect that they will be able to successfully complete this year, but we will see how it will turn out. Now there are consultations”, Honcharuk added.

The next round of EU-Ukraine-Russia trilateral talks is scheduled for October 28.

Source: interfax

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