State Department: Work on preparing sanctions against Nord Stream 2 has already begun

Amos Hochstein, senior adviser on energy issues at the US State Department, said that work on the preparation of sanctions against Nord Stream 2 if Russia uses the issue of gas supplies as a weapon against Ukraine, has already begun, RBC-Ukraine reports.

He also stressed that in order for the sanctions to be effective, they must be imposed by both the United States and Europe.

“Of course, the sanctions imposed by the United States have their influence and reasoning. But they will not be as effective as if they work together with the sanctions, which will be introduced in coordination with Europe, and especially with Germany, ”said Hochstein.

He noted that in a joint statement by President Joe Biden and Chancellor Angela Merkel, it is said that Germany is also ready to impose sanctions if Russia continues to use gas supplies as a weapon that would threaten the security of Ukraine.

“And work has already begun to determine which sanctions the US and the EU are ready to impose,” Amos Hochstein said.

To recap, Nord Stream 2 AG challenged the decision of the German court on Nord Stream 2.

As reported, Germany requires guarantees of compliance with EU laws when launching Nord Stream 2.

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