US Department of State: companies must exit the Nord Stream 2 project by January 20

The authorities of the United States of America requires contracting companies that are involved in the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to stop work before January 20, otherwise they will apply new sanctions against them. This was reported by Economic Truth with reference to the press service of the US Department of State.

“The United States will impose sanctions if related parties do not immediately demonstrate bona fide liquidation efforts. Related parties must complete the work within 30 days. Any company participating in Nord Stream 2 should carefully study what this means for their activities”, the report said.

The United States emphasizes that Nord Stream 2 is an instrument that Russia uses to maintain its continued aggression against Ukraine.

Recall, the US Senate supported the draft law, which approved the US defense budget for 2020 (NDAA). It also implements mandatory sanctions against companies and persons who lay pipes at the construction of Nord Stream 2, or help to do so. Subsequently, US President Donald Trump signed the law on the country's defense budget.

As reported the Swiss company Allseas, which was engaged in the laying of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, had announced the suspension of work due to US sanctions.

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