The State Inspectorate for Energy Supervision confirmed 14.5 thousand thermal facilities are ready for winter

At the beginning of November, the territorial bodies of the State Inspectorate for Energy Supervision inspected and confirmed the readiness of 14 433 thermal facilities of social importance (health care, education and preschool education institutions) for the heating period of 2021-2022, according to the government portal.

In particular, the readiness for the heating season was confirmed:

  1. 4329 schools;
  2. 3876 preschool educational and other children's institutions;
  3. 3856 medical institutions;
  4. 1291 another institution of social importance.
  5. 1081 vocational and higher education institutions.

During the inspections, 1216 violations of the requirements of regulatory legal acts, current norms and rules in the field of heat supply were revealed. Currently, 1113 violations have been eliminated, which is 91%.

The most common violations found were:

  • flushing and hydraulic testing of control units and heating systems for density and strength has not been carried out;
  • control units in heat points are not equipped with manometers and thermometers in full;
  • there are leaks through the stuffing box seals of the stop valves installed on the control units;
  • the shut-off valve is in a state that does not ensure its free opening and closing, there are no indicators of the handwheel rotation for closing and opening;
  • there are no instructions for the operation of the heating system, for the maintenance of the heat point and the existing equipment;
  • there are no diagrams of heating networks and schematic diagrams of heating points.

In general, in Ukraine, the territorial bodies of the State Inspectorate for Energy Supervision, as part of the relevant commissions, confirmed the state of readiness for OP 7368 economic entities in 19039 thermal facilities.


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