Groysman wants to hold a new competitive bidding for Dolphin field

Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman stated that the competition for gas production at the Dolphin field on the Black Sea shelf did not meet expectations in terms of the arrival of powerful world-class players to the Ukrainian market. Therefore it is necessary to announce a new competition.

“The course of the competition and its results, which were determined by the Interdepartmental Commission at the Ministry of Energy, showed that the competition was not sufficiently representative, not competitive enough and, in general, did not meet the expectations of the players of the world's highest league of gas producers in our market. I will offer the government to consider the possibility of announcing a new competition to attract a gas company on the Ukrainian shelf of the Black Sea”, said Groysman.

He also noted that Ukraine expected that world leaders of the Shell or Exxon level would take part in this sector.

“For Ukraine, this is a question not only of energy independence, but also of geopolitics, given the close proximity of gas-bearing areas to the occupied Crimea”, the Prime Minister stressed.

Recall that the Trident Black Sea company, which is owned by Illia Ponomarev, former State Duma deputy, won in the competition for the Dolphin’s PSA. Trident Black Sea was created specifically for the competition. It is 90% owned by Trident Acquisitions Corp and another 10% by the Irish company San Leon Energy, which produces in Albania, Ireland, Nigeria, Poland and Spain.


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