“Privat” group will receive more than $3 million of compensation from “Naftogaz”

According to the decision, “Naftogaz” will have to pay more than £3 million ($3.8 million). Representatives of the “Privat” group hope that two court verdicts in their favor will force them to stop the “illegal and politically motivated prosecution” of the investments of Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov in Ukraine. In December 2018, the London court overturned the decision about the arrest of Igor Kolomoisky’s assets at the suit of Privatbank.

“The arbitrators concluded that the key provisions of the shareholder agreement between “Naftogaz” and the companies of Kolomoisky on corporate governance “Ukrnafta” are not enforceable, since they contradict the imperative norms of the corporate legislation of Ukraine,” noted in “Naftogaz”.

Recall that earlier NJSC “Naftogaz Ukrainy” announced that it intends to sign a new agreement with the law company KWM Europe LLP to protect interests in dispute by minority shareholders of PJSC “Ukrnafta” in the London International Arbitration Court. This intention was published on January 10 in the ProZorro system. In 2015, “Privat” began legal disputes with “Naftogaz” on the issue of the legality of a shareholder agreement. This agreement enabled “Privat” to establish control over the activities of the parastatal largest mining company “Ukrnafta”.

“Naftogaz” insists on the failure of auditors to verify “Ukrnafta”. “Ukrnafta” is one of many shareholders and therefore cannot take a sole decision on the conduction of internal investigations, the company reports.

Previously, auditors wanted to conduct an audit of “Ukrnafta” for the period of 2015-2018, but the company did not allow specialists from the State Audit Service. Such an audit is necessary for the investigation of fraud in the oil company.


Source: epravda.com.ua

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