The Cabinet of Ministers does not plan to form reserve stocks of gas for 2020

The website of the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection has published a draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, which does not plan to form reserve stocks of gas for 2020.

“To establish that in 2020, natural gas suppliers create reserve stocks of natural gas in the amount of 0% of the planned monthly supply by a supplier of natural gas to consumers for the next month”, the draft resolution says.

Head of the Ukrainian Gas Transmission System Operator LLC, Serhiy Makohon, wrote on Facebook that creating reserve stocks of gas for 2020 in mid-January no longer makes sense.

“Obviously, there is no sense in creating reserve stocks for 2020 in mid-January, but we need to think about the next winter. Who will create gas reserves for the winter 2020/21? Again, the government will oblige Naftogaz? Will Naftogaz have allocated funds to create such a reserve? And it can be hundreds of millions of dollars. I personally believe that all market participants should be jointly and severally liable for the creation of such a gas reserve”.

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