What gas price will be offered to Ukrainians in November

The lowest price of natural gas per cubic meter in November and in October was offered by Naftogaz of Ukraine – UAH 6.33 per cubic meter. This is UAH 1.6 or 34.7% higher than in the previous month. These are the results of the study of the GazPravda project, Interfax-Ukraine writes.

Just three kopecks more than the price of gas offered by Kirovohrad Regional Energy Supply Company LLC  - UAH 6.36 per cubic meter (in October, it did not participate in the study). The next are Lvivenergosbyt LLC with a price of UAH 6.62 per cubic meter and VKF Teplobud LLC  with a price of UAH 6.65 (there is no data for both companies in October), as well as TAS Energy with a price of UAH 6.84 per cubic meter, which is UAH 1.35 higher than the offer in October.

Zaporizhzhiagazsbyt offered the highest price – UAH 8.96, which is UAH 2.11, or almost 31% more than the highest offer in October, announced by Odesagaz-Postavka LLC – UAH 6.85 per cubic meter.

Most of the 42 companies participating in the study are 28 suppliers. In November, they offered gas prices from UAH 8 to almost UAH 9 per cubic meter. In October, 34 companies out of 41 participating in the study offered prices in the range from UAH 6 to UAH 6.85 per cubic meter.

According to the study, gas sales companies affiliated with regional gas companies, which supply the majority of the population in certain regions, in November continued abandoning a single price, applied for the first time in October.

The study notes that the tariffs for such gas sales were the highest in November – from UAH 8.8 to UAH 8.96 per cubic meter (in October, according to the rating, they ranged from UAH 6.6 to UAH 6.8 per cubic meter).

As a reminder, from August 1, 2020, PSO for the sale of gas for its subsequent supply to household consumers was lifted from NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine.

According to NEURC monitoring, in the first quarter of 2020, about 69% of gas supplies to the population were carried out by companies of the RGC group, Naftogaz group – 2%, other suppliers – 29%.

Naftogaz said that the dynamics of filing applications by household consumers to change the gas supplier had grown exponentially over the past month.

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