Kyiv CHPPs are ready for the heating season

Kyivteploenergo has completed repairs of the main equipment of two capital's combined heat and power plants (CHP), which provide heat to 60% of Kiev, the press service reports.

The CHPPs of the capital provide heat and hot water to more than 650 thousand households in 8 administrative districts of the capital – Darnytsky, Solomiansky, Pechersky, Holosiivsky, Desnyansky, Obolonsky, Podolsky and in a part of Shevchenkovsky. The CHPPs also generate electricity for the IPS of Ukraine. Their total electrical capacity is 1200 MW, and their thermal capacity is more than 3600 Gcal/h.

“During the inter-heating season, Kyivteploenergo carried out repairs of six power units at CHPP-5, CHPP-6 and 11 hot water boilers. Under the program of overhauls, which are obligatory carried out at power units every 4 years, steam turbine No. 2 at CHPP-6 was repaired this summer, the thermal capacity of which is 330 Gcal/h, and the electric capacity is 250 MW, ”the message says.

Hot water boilers of the Kiev CHPPs, which also completed repairs, heat the network water up to 150 degrees, their rated load is 180 Gcal / h. In addition, 517 pumps, 754 electric motors and other important equipment were repaired at the combined heat and power plants.

“Repairs are an obligatory component of the CHPP preparation for the heating season. At the same time, work is underway to modernize the capital's energy sector and generation takes an important place in this program. Together with the EBRD, we are starting a project to install new energy-efficient cogeneration equipment at CHPP-6. This will make the power system of Kiev more flexible, reliable and technologically advanced. For customers, this means stability, reliability and quality of energy services,” said Oleksandr Shevchenko, director of Kyivski CHPP, Kyivteploenergo.

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