The Kyiv City Council attracted the EBRD loan for the modernization of the heat and power complex of the capital

The Kyiv City Council supported the attraction of a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction for the development of the city's thermal infrastructure. A loan of up to €140 million will be taken under the guarantee of the Kyiv City Council in 2021, the press service of Kyivteploenergo reports. The expected maturity of the loan is up to 13 years from the date of the agreement.

The most ambitious project under the credit program is the installation of modern cogeneration equipment at CHPP-6. Today, two Kyiv CHPPs provide 48% of the city's heat supply and almost 60% of the capital's electricity consumption. There is no alternative to these CHP plants, and most of the equipment has been in operation for over 40 years. Comprehensive renewal of equipment and approaches to heat and electricity generation will ensure a new quality of operation of CHPP-6.

Another part of the program is energy efficiency. Construction of a condensing economizer is planned at CHPP-5. The equipment uses the residual energy of the flue gases to generate heat. Similar equipment has been operating at CHPP-6 for three years. Its capacity allows providing heat to about 20 high-rise buildings. Other energy-efficient projects relate to the reconstruction of inefficient boiler houses and worn out heating systems.

Funding is provided for a set of solutions aimed at introducing a SCADA monitoring and control system. It will allow monitoring the technical parameters of the equipment at all production facilities in real-time: CHP, boiler houses, heat supply stations, pumping stations, and the like. The software package will allow you to collect, process, analyze information and control the work of the city's thermal power industry.

To recap, the Ministry of Energy wants to create a unified system of energy consumers.

As reported, Kyivteploenergo is creating a cyber protection system for the heat and power infrastructure of Kyiv.

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