Kyivteploenergo will monitor the state of Kyiv heating networks using drones

In the new heating season, Kyivteploenergo will study heating networks using aeromonitoring. Its main task is to promptly identify possible damages and "weak points" of heating networks, heat loss, monitoring the state of power equipment, the press service reports.

With the help of a thermal imager in winter and video cameras in the warm season, the employees of Kyivteploenergo diagnostic and aeromonitoring site will inspect the thermal facilities of the capital: identify heat energy losses and possible sources of the coolant, monitor the state of boiler chimneys, cooling towers, and air-laid heating mains.

The results of aerial surveys with reference to the sources of heat generation of Kyivteploenergo will be entered into the geographic information system of heating networks in Kyiv. Kyivteploenergo specialists have been trained and received certificates to operate an air monitoring system based on Matrice 210V2.0. This is a powerful drone with a thermal imager and video camera.

“Kyiv has one of the largest, branched and complex district heating systems in Europe. It was built over half a century ago and has a wear rate of 80%. It is impossible to replace 2.7 thousand km of networks in a year or two. A large-scale network replacement program began in Kyiv last year. At the same time, we carefully prepare networks and heating equipment for the heating season in order to minimize the likelihood of damage and heat outages in winter. Aeromonitoring has already proven its effectiveness during testing. During the heating season, this technology will accelerate the search for existing and potential places of network damage, and this, in turn, will minimize the inconvenience for customers due to the shutdown of hot water and heating,” said Vasyl Derevytskyi, director of Kyiv Heating Networks.

To recap, Kyivteploenergo replaces worn out heating systems in the capital for the second year in a row. For two years, 230 kilometers of worn-out heating mains were renewed in all administrative districts of the city.

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