Klitschko says that the pipes are ready, but there is no money for heating

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko noted that high gas prices and tariffs transferred to local government make the situation with the heating season close to critical, the press service reports.

Although technically the capital's heating infrastructure is ready for the start of the heating season.

“We are technically ready. But other challenges make the situation close to critical: high gas prices, tariffs transferred to local government, the lack of a legal framework to ensure the operation of heat supply companies. The Association of Ukrainian Cities and I, as its head, offered the central government-specific solutions that would allow the timely start of the heat and hot water supplies to the population,” he said.

Vitali Klitschko recalled that he appealed to the Prime Minister for the government to fix the price of natural gas for budgetary institutions until the end of the heating season at UAH 11.2 per 1 cubic meter instead of the market 35 hryvnias.

At the same time, NJSC Naftogaz must immediately withdraw the “discriminatory norms” of gas supply contracts. And local budgets should be paid for the difference in tariffs of previous years and compensation for the future. To keep the tariffs for heat and hot water for the population at the level of the previous heating season.

“Because people will not be able to pay at such tariffs! Local budgets, on which they are trying to shift the whole burden, will not be able to cover this difference either! Because the government says: everything is fine, tariffs will not change. How good?! We do not know the prices at which heat enterprises will receive gas. Whether there will be compensation, and within what limits, we do not know. And the Prime Minister is doing well,” the mayor of the capital stressed.

He also noted that the Association of Ukrainian Cities is waiting for an answer on what the mechanism of compensation for local budgets will be.

To recap, the mayor of Cherkasy refused to raise the tariff for heat.

As reported, the Cabinet of Ministers will allocate funds from the budget to compensate TKE for the difference in tariffs.

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