Kobolyev discussed issues of countering the Nord Stream2 project in the US

Last week, Naftogaz team with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Elena Zerkal had a number of official meetings with representatives of Executive Office of the President of the United States, the United States Congress and international financial organizations.

Representatives discussed a risk that Gazprom may interrupt gas transit through Ukraine and make another gas crisis.

Минулого тижня наша команда разом з заступницею Міністра закордоних справ пані Зеркаль провела багато офіційних...

Posted by Andriy Kobolyev on Wednesday, 8 May 2019

“Talking to U.S. senator, who are co-authors of several sanctional draft laws, we focused on issues of countering the Nord Stream2 project. The United States Congress understands that this project is targeted solely on Kremlin’s political goals and poses a direct threat to Ukrainian and EU energy security”, Andriy Kobolyev said.

Naftogaz noted a large interest in Ukrainian gas market reform and an independent operator of Ukrainian GTS separation process on the basis of the model with the transfer of the GTS to the concession.  Also, issues related to the reform of corporate governance of state-owned companies, the fight against corruption and the changing business climate in Ukraine were discussed.

“I am glad that we have a common vision of how to uphold the civilized rules of the game in international energy markets, protect Europe’s energy security and reform the Ukrainian gas market”, the Head of Naftogaz concluded.

 It was reported earlier that Naftogaz filed a complaint with the European Commission on the anti-competitive actions of Gazprom.

Source: kosatka.media


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