Kobolev on changing the Head of Naftogaz: only the Supervisory Board has the right to hold the tender, not the government

The announcement of a new tender for the position of the Head of the NJSC by the government contradicts Ukrainian legislation.

“To appoint/remove from office, change salary, issue bonuses are the authority of the Supervisory Board of NJSK Naftogaz of Ukraine only... Therefore, the previous decision (of the government – ed.) regarding the termination of my contract and the announcement of a new tender contradicts Ukrainian legislation”, said Andriy Kobolev, the Head of NJSC Naftogaz during a press briefing.

At the same time, information about the announcement of the tender for the position of the Head of the NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine was not a surprise for Mr. Kobolev, and moreover, he does not exclude his own participation in the tender if, from a legal point of view, he is legitimate.

“On participation in the tender – I will consult with lawyers if such a tender can in principle occur. But I don’t intend to quit”, the Head of the NJSC told about his plans, stressing that “according to the law, only the Supervisory Board should hold such tenders. The decision of the Supervisory Board was made to continue the contract with me. But this contract has not yet been physically signed”.

One of the reasons for the noncompliance of the signing of the contract by the shareholder (government) was the resonance on the amount of remuneration received by the Head of Naftogaz, the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman made statements that it is too big.

According to Kobolev, from January 2019 he lost his own “economic interest in salaries, bonuses or other income earned by the NJSK” when he began to give it to charity. Therefore, the amount of remuneration should not sound like an argument in deciding whether to renew the contract with Kobolev or not.

“Kobolev's salary is not a point of confrontation, whoever anyone tells”, said the Head of the NJSC.

At the same time, he defined the main goals that his team seeks to achieve, which, according to him, is the main reason for his desire to lead the company:

“Our team has been actively and hard working on the Stockholm arbitration process for 5 years... I want to complete this process. And I believe that the victory we achieved, and these tools that we have now given to the Ukrainian side, regarding Gazprom, cost many billions of dollars... and to convert them into a worthless defeat, as it was already done several times, I consider it absolutely wrong both for the country and for myself”.

To ensure gas transit through the territory of Ukraine after 2019:

“This position is tough. It lies in the choice before which we put the Russian side: either signs a gas transit contract, or there will be a new arbitration worth $12 billion – compensate us for the cost of losing the gas transit system”.




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