Kuleba believes that Nord Stream 2 should be discussed in the Normandy format

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said Nord Stream 2, the military security of Ukraine, the situation in Donbas are directly related issues, so Ukraine is in favour of discussing them in the Normandy format, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

“Now negotiations in the Normandy format are being conducted exclusively at the level of advisers to the leaders. After Merkel visited Moscow and Kyiv, two rounds of consultations and two videoconferences took place. The topic of gas was not discussed, but it directly puts pressure on the negotiators from outside. Ukraine believes that Nord Stream 2 and the military security of Ukraine, the situation in the East of Ukraine are directly related issues, so we advocate linking these issues and discussing them,” Kuleba said in an interview with the agency.

The minister noted that now in the Normandy format, work at the level of advisers is being carried out in an attempt to organize a summit, which Angela Merkel wants to hold and is ready to hold while still in the status of German Chancellor.

The Foreign Minister pointed out that the gas crisis was created in manual mode, "therefore, people understand that this is not some combination of factors that have come together, and this tangle must be resolved."

“Everyone understands the source of the crisis, how it was created. Obviously, in Europe, there is an opinion that a solution will be found with the Russian Federation and the issues will stabilize. Because even in the worst dreams, a Western European politician or businessman cannot imagine that Russia will "throw" them and freeze houses, factories and plants,” he explained.

Kuleba clarified that we all see an artificially created gas crisis in Europe.

“It is superimposed on accelerating the green transition in Europe. We see an extraordinary situation in China, which is also officially explained by the "green transition", the reduction in coal production. I do not exclude that the problems of our pipe can become only a small element of the general energy global crisis. Nord Stream 2 has not yet started working, this must be taken into account. And it is still unknown when gas will go through Nord Stream 2, despite all the victorious reports of Gazprom and Russia,” the minister said.

To recap, Kuleba believes that Ukraine can replace Russia in energy cooperation with Germany.

Earlier, the head of the Foreign Ministry announced what Ukraine expects in the event of the launch of Nord Stream 2.

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