Lukashenko says he is ready to stop the transit of energy carriers to the EU

The self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said he was ready to stop the transit of energy carriers if Poland closed the border, BelTA informs.

“When Poles “strangle me”, will I look at any contracts? Drop you what you are talking about. The Poles decided to close the border with Belarus - well, close it. We don't go to the European Union very often. Are our interests in Russia, China and the East the most today?” Lukashenko said.

He suggested to the Polish side to close the border and see who would get the most damage from this. “Who are you going to close to the detriment of? To yourself? And then, you will close ... Then you think about how you will buy energy resources from Russia, ”he said.

Earlier, Lukashenko had threatened to cut off the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline: the EU reacted.

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