The Ministry of Energy: Ukraine is interested in LNG supplies from Turkey

Ukraine sees significant prospects in cooperation with Turkey in the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG). On Thursday, June 24, this was announced by Deputy Energy Minister for European Integration Yaroslav Demchenkov during the fifth meeting of the Ukrainian-Turkish working group on energy, the press service reports.

The Turkish side during the online meeting was headed by Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey Alparslan Bayraktar.

“The government of our state is deeply interested in activating joint projects between Ukraine and the Republic of Turkey in the field of energy. I would like to note the significant potential of bilateral partnership in the energy sector, in particular, in the oil and gas and nuclear industries, power engineering, as well as in the context of the construction of generating capacities and alternative energy sources,” said Yaroslav Demchenkov.

The Deputy Minister noted that Turkey is already building up the capacities of LNG terminals and expanding the use of LNG to diversify supplies and gasify the country. For Ukraine, supplies from Turkey will help strengthen energy security.

“At the moment we are not an active player in the LNG market, but the geopolitical situation and the decrease in transit volumes force us to look for new areas of trade and cooperation to ensure the workload of our own gas transportation system. That is why cooperation with the Republic of Turkey in terms of LNG supplies is a priority for us,” the Deputy Minister stressed.

The parties agreed to promote cooperation between energy companies to diversify natural gas supplies to Ukraine, including the development of infrastructure for LNG terminals. Also, Ukraine and Turkey agreed to cooperate on natural gas transportation through the Trans-Balkan pipeline in both directions between Ukraine and Turkey.

During the meeting, potential areas for information exchange and cooperation between Ukraine and Turkey on nuclear and hydropower, as well as renewable energy sources were identified.

To recap, Ukraine and Kazakhstan are planning to deepen cooperation on oil trade and transit.

As reported, Ukraine and Italy will develop cooperation in the gas transportation industry and hydrogen energy.

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