The Ministry of Energy and Environment agreed on the supply of American LNG from Poland

During the official visit of the Ukrainian government to Poland, a memorandum on gas cooperation was signed – in particular, on the supply of liquefied natural gas from the United States to Ukraine through the Polish LNG terminal.

“The results of the visit to Poland are positive. We signed a memorandum, it is an issue of diversification and energy security”, said newly appointed Minister of Energy and Environment, Olexiy Orzhel, during his first press conference.

The memorandum was signed between Ukraine, Poland and the USA.

“One of the first tasks will be an analysis – what kind of work needs to be implemented on the Ukrainian side in order to increase the possibility of receiving gas from the LNG terminal in Poland. To diversify, create competition, ensure energy security of Ukraine”, the Minister said.

He emphasized the importance of the meeting with representatives of the US administration, with whom, according to him, representatives of the government “found mutual understanding”.

According to Orzhel, the Ukrainian market is premium, so access to it is win-win for all participants in the memorandum:

“We are a premium market. 10 - 11 cubic meters of gas – this is a large volume of consumption, for which we must fight. And in this case, we give great opportunities for gas supply options, opening the Ukrainian market. Both we and our partners will win – their sales volumes increase”.

Answering a question about the terms of practical implementation of the memorandum, Olexiy Orzhel noted that the memorandum is a political decision, further the expert groups will work to solve technical problems:

“I think that given the speed of the agreement with American and Polish partners over the weekend, we will finnd a design decision to realize this opportunity very quickly”.

Earlier, the Minister, in a commentary to Interfax-Ukraine, said that deliveries of liquefied gas from the United States would ensure the full loading of the transit capacities of the Ukrainian gas transmission system:

“If the interconnector starts functioning, we estimate the volume of gas supplies to Ukraine within 1 billion cubic meters. However, given Poland’s plans to increase the capacity of the terminal in Świnoujście and the construction of a terminal in Gdansk, we can significantly increase the amount of gas that can be offered on the Ukrainian market from Poland”, theMinister said.



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