Moldova to store gas stocks abroad

The Moldovan government is exploring the possibility of storing natural gas stocks in Romania and Ukraine, the Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova Andrei Spinu said, ngv reports.

After the gas crisis that Moldova faced in October, the possibility of stockpiling and purchasing more affordable gas during the warm period is now being considered.

“The gas stock must be accumulated in any case, therefore, the new law, which is now being developed obliges Moldovagaz to make gas stocks for at least two months of winter. I think it is about 300 million cubic meters,” he said.

He also emphasized gas should be as close as possible, so the government is negotiating with Ukraine and Romania.

To recap, on October 22, Moldova declared a state of emergency due to critical gas prices. The country was unable to agree with the Russian Gazprom on the price for the supply of natural gas.

On October 25, the Moldovan government, for the first time in 30 years, bought natural gas, not from the Russian Gazprom, but signed a contract for the supply of 1 million cubic meters of gas with a Polish state-owned company.

On October 29, Moldova agreed with Gazprom on gas supplies.

The European Union has allocated €60 million to Moldova to overcome the gas crisis.

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