Moldova continues to diversify gas purchases

Moldova will buy 1 million cubic meters of gas from the Dutch company Vitol, which offered the best conditions. The Interfax agency was informed about this by the press service of the Agency for Public Property of Moldova.

Vitol won the tender announced on Tuesday morning by the Moldovan state-owned company Energocom, the press service reports.

“Vitol, which is one of the world's three leading carriers of oil products, offered the best conditions,” the department said.

Gas will be delivered to Moldova during the day on October 27. Other details of the deal were not disclosed.

Moldova continues negotiations with Gazprom to conclude a long-term contract. Under the current contract, signed for October, the country receives gas at $790 per thousand cubic meters. At the same time, the contract provides for the receipt by the republic of only 67% of the required volume. For this reason, Moldova has decided to purchase a small volume of gas from alternative sources daily to maintain the pressure in the pipeline.

To recap:

On October 22, a state of emergency was declared in Moldova due to critical gas prices. The country cannot agree with the Russian Gazprom on the price for the supply of natural gas.

The Prime Minister of Moldova said that the country would continue negotiations with Gazprom on a new gas supply contract.

On October 25, an official representative of Gazprom said that the company could completely stop gas supplies to the country if Chisinau did not pay off the debt and sign a new contract from December 1.

On October 25, the Moldovan government, for the first time in 30 years, bought natural gas, not from the Russian Gazprom but signed a contract for the supply of 1 million cubic meters of gas with a Polish state-owned company.

Europe says it will help Moldova solve the gas crisis.

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