Naftogaz is ready to provide a single price for all household gas consumers

The gas supply company, Naftogaz of Ukraine, is set to provide natural gas to household consumers within the monthly tariff plan at a fixed price of UAH 6.99 per cubic meter until the end of quarantine or heating season, according to the press service.

Customers who have signed up for the annual tariff plan will pay UAH 4.73, UAH 5.24 and UAH 6.45 per cubic meter according to the terms of the contracts.

Also, as a supplier of last resort (SoLR), Naftogaz of Ukraine is available to accept all users whose supplier is unable or refuses to supply gas at a fixed price.

“We are ready to reduce the burden of energy prices on the unprotected population during the quarantine. We are ready to "provide SoLR services" to everyone who will be left without the gas supplier if the gas sales company is not ready to provide the price set by the government at UAH 6.99 per cubic meter. We understand that the government's introduction of regulated gas prices is a forced step caused by intense opposition from private suppliers to the development of the gas market and the transition of consumers to new gas suppliers. Every day we get complaints from consumers who cannot find their EIC code, who threaten to charge fictitious debts for "temperature" factors or cut off gas for incorrectly executed documents," said Andriy Kobolyev.

Recall that the Cabinet of Ministers will introduce state regulation of gas prices for the period of quarantine or until the end of the heating season, the proposed price is UAH 6.99 per cubic meter.

Earlier it was reported that the AMCU would study the validity and transparency of gas distribution tariffs.

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