Naftogaz: regional heating companies may derail the monetization of subsidies

Company suggests that February bill’s delay may derail the monetization of subsidies for population.

 “Consumers, who are served by Firtash’s regional gas sales companies, began asking us: where are the February bills? It is said that the company refused to use Ukrposhta, and did not find anyone to replace them, therefore it is not known who will send paper bills this month and how. It is impossible to create a bill online, the system is at the technical works.

Слідкуємо за руками. Споживачі, яких обслуговують облгазо-збути Фірташа, почали питати нас: а де ж рахунки за лютий?...

Опубликовано Нафтогаз України - Naftogaz Вторник, 12 марта 2019 г.

Naftogaz claims that regional heating companies may “play” with norms, temperatures, conditions, recommended payments. At the same time, company notes that an attempt to sabotage the monetization of subsidies can be the reason.

The monetization of subsidies has started since this month. People have received money, not regional heating companies, for the first time. It is correct civilized approach. It encourages people to consume gas wisely and puts recipients of subsidies on the same side with the condominium activists, who seek to warm their house and pay less. This is a requirement of the law adopted by all factions of the Verkhovna Rada”.

It was reported earlier, that social protection authorities will refuse to appoint subsidies for the next year if there is a debt for the heating period of more than 340 UAH and a term of more than one month.


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