Naftogaz announced gas price in March for its customers

Gas Supply Company Naftogaz of Ukraine informs that the price of natural gas in March for residential consumers within the Monthly tariff plan will amount to UAH 6.86/cubic meter including VAT, excluding distribution (delivery) costs.

The company's customers in March will receive gas at a lower price than the marginal cost recommended by the government. For customers who signed up for the Annual tariff plan last year, the gas price will not change and will amount to UAH 4.73, UAH 5.24 and UAH 6.45 per cubic meter, according to the terms of the contracts.

The maximum gas price from February 1, 2021, for the period of quarantine, but no longer than until March 31, 2021, is regulated by a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and is UAH 6.99/cubic meter.

Naftogaz of Ukraine, as a supplier of last resort (SoLR), also provides gas to household customers who have suddenly lost their supplier, so that these consumers will not be left without gas until they make the transition to a new gas supply company. The gas price for SoLR clients in March is UAH 6.99/cubic meter including VAT, excluding distribution (delivery) costs.

Today, more than 300 thousand households receive gas from the supplier of the last resort. In January and February of this year, almost 150 thousand households were left without a supplier – clients in Melitopol and Melitopol district (Zaporizhzhia region), Lubny and Lubenskyi district (Poltava region), Korostyshiv and Korostyshivskyi district (Zhytomyr region) are temporarily served by SoLR (Gas Supply Company Naftogaz of Ukraine).

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