Naftogaz proposes to transfer debts for gas to local budgets

NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine proposes to transfer the debts of district heating companies for gas to the owners of such companies, local budgets. This was announced by Chairman of the company Andriy Kobolyev at the Ukrainian gas forum.

“We believe that the responsibility for “heaters” should be left to the local authorities, to the owners of these companies. Naftogaz will supply gas under standard PSO conditions. If at the end of the season there is no payment with Naftogaz for gas, then these funds are debited from local budgets”, Kobolyev said.

Now the debts of gas distribution network operators to Ukrtransgaz have reached 38 billion UAH, of which a significant part was formed due to debts of district heating companies to regional gas companies. 

Kobolyev said that Ukrtransgaz in the current coordinate system cannot provide itself financially, since the market does not work correctly.

According to him, the unresolved situation does not allow the full implementation of European rules in Ukraine, which threatens the completion of the separation of Naftogaz.

Kobolyev added that it is possible to solve the debt problem by shifting them proportionally to all market participants. However, he believes that it is almost impossible to implement.

Earlier it was reported that 133 heat producers had not been repaying their debts to Naftogaz. The company emphasized that inadequate payments of such enterprises for gas pose a threat to the heat supply to consumers during the heating period.


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