Naftogaz exposed gas theft scheme in Poltava region

The security units of the Naftogaz Group exposed and stopped the criminal activities of a group of persons who were engaged in the theft of gas from the finished product pipeline of the Nafta division, the press service reports.

The intruders were detained while inspecting the territory near the Yablunivskyi gas condensate processing department of the Gas and Gas Condensate Processing Department of Ukrgazvydobuvannya JSC in Poltava region.

The instrument of the crime was found at the scene: pumps, hoses, batteries, keys, mobile phones, and more. A car with a stolen gas storage tank was also detained.

“A new method of gas theft from the Naftogaz Group facility has been prevented, namely the product pipeline of finished products, which creates real conditions for possible emergencies with serious consequences (explosions, fires, environmental pollution, etc.) and threats to human life and health. ... Thanks to the continuous improvement of the security system and organization of protection of the facilities of the Naftogaz Group, in particular, the Nafta division of the Naftogaz Group, for which the priority is to protect the legitimate interests of the Company and the safety of inventory items at the facilities of the Nafta division, we react much faster to threats and we warn them promptly,” said the security service of the Nafta division of Naftogaz Group.

The company noted that previously, thefts of gas condensate were usually committed, but today, given the profitability and the existing distribution network, the attackers are targeting the theft of finished products - gas.

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