Naftogaz of Ukraine reports UAH 12 billion revenue in 2021

NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine reports receiving revenue of UAH 12 billion, according to the results for 2021. On the contrary, the company got a loss of UAH 19 billion in 2020.

Sales revenue totals UAH 218,8 billion vs UAH 193 billion in 2020. Expenditures reached 201,2 billion vs 208,5 billion a year before last. The company’s profit amounted to UAH12,02 billion in 2021.

The reporting also points out the risks of 2022 due to full-scale military aggression started by Russia. To be more specific, the group's operations and sale of assets may be affected by the impact of military invasion on production, since a significant part of such assets is concentrated in Kharkiv and Poltava regions, particularly in the immediate vicinity of the fighting.

Besides, the risks are connected to revenue from natural gas transit, according to the contract with Gazprom.

The company has sufficient stock of hydrocarbons, while gas production reaches 12 bcm per year.

The reporting also writes that consumers may face trouble paying the bills due to high global prices.

In 2022, the Naftogaz group wants to receive an additional UAH 76 billion from the repayment of debts by regional gas suppliers and gas sales companies in the amount of UAH 43 billion, which arose by 2020, and another UAH 33 billion of debts by the beginning of 2022.

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