Naftogaz increased gas prices for industrial consumers

In May gas prices for industrial consumers were increased by 5.2 – 11.5%.

NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine published new price offers for natural gas, which will be in force from May 1, 2019 for industrial consumers and other economic entities, the press service of NJSC announces.

The proposed prices for natural gas from the company's resource are diversified depending on the volume of purchases and payment terms.

Depending on these indicators, Naftogaz offers gas at a price of 6 299.00 – 6 948.00 UAH/thousand cubic meters (without VAT and the cost of its transportation through the main and distribution gas pipelines).

In May prices increased by 5.2-11.5% compared to prices in April 2019.

Detailed terms of the Naftogaz commercial offer can be found on the company's website at this link.

Sicne October 1, 2015, the Law of Ukraine on the Natural Gas Market entered into force, which provides for the supply of natural gas at prices that are freely established between the supplier and the consumer, except cases provided by this Law. So, in order to ensure public interests in the process of natural gas market functioning, in exceptional cases and for a certain period, special obligations may be imposed on the subjects of the natural gas market in the amount and on the terms determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

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