The National Regulatory Commission fined Naftogaz in the amount of 850 thousand UAH

The Energy and Utilities the National Regulatory Commission fined NJSC Naftogaz in the amount of 850 thousand UAH for refusing the Regulatory Commission to carry out a scheduled audit for 2017-2018. This decision the National Regulatory Commission made at the meeting on April 12.

A refusal was documented by the act of supervisory measures that according to the Regulator, is a violation of licensing conditions in context of obligations to provide access for officials of state control authorities.

The Head of the Legal Department of NJSC Naftogaz, who was present at the meeting, explained a refusal by the fact that the Regulator broke the frequency of an audit – once per two year. In May 207, the National Regulatory Commission made an audit, so the next one have to be in January 2020.

“Since the National Regulatory Commission carried out an audit before this time, the management decided that supervisory measures are made with a violation of legislation’s guarantees and refused to provide access to the Regulatory Commission”, Naftogaz’s representative explained.  

The Head of the National Regulatory Commission, Oksana Krivenko, noted that the last audit was carried out for a period till 2016, and 2017-2018 have not been checked yet, that’s why the National Regulatory Commission has the right to check the company given the schedule of audits, which was made and confirmed earlier.

During the announcement of the decision, a member of the National Regulatory Commission noted that in January 2019, the company of Naftogaz group – Ukrtransgaz – did not provide access for the National Regulatory Commission to carry out an audit as well.

Source: unian


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