NKREKP: regional gas companies use temperature coefficients hits adjustment of natural gas to residential consumers wrongly

Operators of gas distribution systems have rights and bring about ' volumes of natural gas consumed by domestic consumers to standard conditions for commercial payments, press service reports.

In addition, the National Commission for state regulation in the energy and utilities, 23 November 2018 expressed its position on this.

The regulator has publicly refers to the timing operators comply with the requirement in the activity of existing legislation and the civilized rules of the natural gas market.

Thus, cover the difference in measurements of natural gas at the expense rate, and hence the calculation and collection of additional boards (actually double) with residential customers is illegal.

Timing Techniques Using operators to bring natural gas volume to standard conditions for gas consumption in the absence of instruments to measure temperature and pressure, approved by the Ministry of Energy of 26.02.2004 number 116 (Method number 116) in respect of domestic consumers is illegal, based on next.

Thus, Chapter 1 "General Provisions" and Chapter 2 "field of use" Method number 116 is determined that the calculation of gas volume reduced to standard conditions shall be carried out taking into account the correction coefficients gas consumption set forth in this procedure. These calculations are gas consumers themselves. Action This technique applies to entities that in economically productive activities to measure the volume of consumed gas meter is used, except the use of gas for gas consumption citizens, businesses for their own use.

Since households are not business entities and individual entrepreneurs, rules Methodologies number 116, including value ratios cannot be used by operators timing in relation to household consumers in the calculations actually used volumes of natural gas.

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