Regional gas companies owe UAH 9.8 billion to GTSOU

GTSOU informs that in recent months the debts of private regional gas companies have increased significantly.

The total debt of regional gas companies to GTSOU and charges payable for balancing services amount to UAH 9.8 billion.

Over the past week, GTSOU received UAH 9.7 million, regional gas companies repaid less than 1% of the total debt.

Kremenchukgaz transferred UAH 5.6 million of debt for January to OGTSU.

“We welcome the responsible position of the management of Kremenchukgaz because this company tries not to create debts and independently regulate its imbalances. Now the accruals to be paid and debts of Kremenchukgaz are equal to zero,” the company said.

GTSOU notes that almost a quarter of operators of gas distribution networks (GDS) are trying to pay for negative imbalances in time. The rest are systematically accumulating debts.

Earlier it was reported that GTSOU received more than UAH 20 billion of net profit in 2020.

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