Regional gas companies owe almost UAH 1 billion to the Ukrainian GTS Operator

The Ukrainian GTS Operator informs that the total debt of the Operators of gas distribution networks for the process gas taken from the system of main gas pipelines (negative imbalances) as of October amounted to UAH 967 million, which is 5% less than the same indicator for September 2020.

Since the beginning of the year, regional gas companies have created negative imbalances in their networks, totaling 1 billion 446 million, of which only 33% have been paid.

In October, regional gas companies created negative imbalances of UAH 88 million. While some operators of gas distribution networks partially repaid debts for previous periods, others continued to withdraw process gas from the GTS and not pay for it.

It is noted that today the leaders in the accumulation of debts for negative imbalances remain: Luhanskoblgaz – UAH 273.4 million, Ternopilgorgaz – UAH 195.9 million (dynamics in October + UAH 16 million), Donetskoblgaz - UAH 87.3 million, Kirovohradgaz – UAH 68,5 million, and Kyivoblgaz – UAH 59 million. The other 24 regional gas companies' debt ranges from UAH 0.4 to 28.4 million (in total + UAH 30 million). And only 12 out of 41 GDS operators have no debts to GTSOU.

In October, GTSOU received positive court decisions in the first three cases against regional gas companies on debt reimbursement for a total of UAH 237.5 million. Now, 19 similar cases are pending before the economic courts. Besides, based on the statements of the GTS Operator of Ukraine, NEURC decided to unscheduled check the activities of the four largest debtors – Kirovohradgaz, Ternopilgorgaz, Luhanskgaz, Donetskoblgaz.

At the same time, GTSOU filed an application with the National Police and the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine for Ternopilgorgaz with a request to check whether the actions of regional gas officials contain signs of criminal offenses and, if found, to start an investigation.

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