OGTSU: Luhansk TPP carried out unauthorized gas withdrawal for UAH 318 million

The GTS Operator of Ukraine reported that Luhansk TPP (part of DTEK-Vostokenergo LLC) has not had a gas supplier since the beginning of February 2020 and carries out its unauthorized withdrawal from the GTS through the network of JSC Luhanskgaz.

For the period from February 1, the volume of unpaid gas withdrawal amounted to UAH 318 million in cash.   

“On February 21, we sent a letter to JSC Luhanskgaz demanding to suspend gas distribution for consumers of Luhansk TPP. But so far, no measures have been taken by the regional gas companies, which argue their inaction by a court order prohibiting the disconnection of Luhansk TPP. As a result, the GTS Operator is forced to additionally buy significant volumes of gas in order to physically balance the GTS and compensate for such unauthorized withdrawals”, the statement said.

The bulk of the gas Luhansk TPP uses for the production of electricity, not heat. OGTSU also noted that it has repeatedly appealed to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and NEURC with a request to take measures to resolve the situation with gas supplies to Luhansk TPP.

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